Video Review Coaching - What Is It?

If you're not working with a goalkeeper coach or have never been taught how to review your game film it can be a bit overwhelming. With a video review we will connect on a web conference and review film that you've collected from your recent games.

As an example we can use this video of Anna making a save. The ball is saved but what else can we learn from this moment? Instead of simply presenting compliments or corrective instruction we will instead have a two way dialogue where you, the goalkeeper, develops the analysis with the aid of some guided

Using this clip as an example, I would ask the following questions. Note, there is not always one correct response, much like the fluid nature of the game it is more about engaging cognitive thinking and reflection than only the perfect result.

1. What do you think of the GK's stance and ball line when the video starts?

2. Do you feel that the GK has good awareness of supporting and opposition players on the field?

3. Is this ball one that the GK can reasonably catch?

4. The GK makes a decision to open-hand parry the ball across the face of the goal versus boxing back the direction it came from. Do you support this decision, explain?

5. As an effect of the direction change and force put into the parry the GK is on the ground, how do they prepare for a second save scenario?

6. After the GK returns to her feet what are her first actions?

7. As the GK what would you say, to whom, and when, in this sequence?


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