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Officiating GKs (GK Dad / Coach / Ref Perspective)

As a dad of a goalkeeper, a goalkeeper (and team) coach, and as a referee instructor I have a unique perspective of seeing things through multiple lenses. Being in a smaller community many recognize me around the field as someone who wears all three hats at various times. One of the greatest things I’ve learned over the past years is which ‘hat’ to wear, and when. I’ve also found that when wearing the ‘dad hat’ if I so much as take a deep breath or a sigh when an official makes a decision a parent sitting to my right or left picks up on that and I need to be mindful of those non-verbal moments and think tactfully when others ask me about a call. Recently I had a coach approach me about high school soccer officiating with a question about goalkeepers, about a week later, a parent approached me with a similar question, so I thought I’d share my perspective. Again, take it as a grain of salt, as someone who wears three hats – and not an official position of any of the organizations I offi