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Why That Single Camera Angle Doesn't Work for VAR

I thought this would be a good place to share a moment from a recent game I watched. The decision on the field was offside, the ball was shot and entered the ball frame. Which of course as a result 50% of the players on the field appreciated and 50% of the players on the field were frustrated by. It's worth noting that although there was a quick reaction "come on", there was nothing that rose to dissent and the game continued without incident. To start, lets recall the two major elements to offside. 1: Where players were in relation to the offside line at the moment the ball was played by a teammate. 2: If the player became involved in play. In this case the player does shoot the ball, so we know that condition is met. This moment from the video stream is as close as we can get to the actual moment the ball is kicked, it's currently blocked from view by the white player (1). With higher quality tools and feeds I might be able to get it closer, but this is what we'